Announcement of the new Director General of NeuroCity Corporation.

Jean-Paul L’Allier, president of the Board of Directors and Dr. Michel Maziade, president of NeuroCity Corporation. are pleased to report that Mr. Raynald Bourassa will be appointed Director General of NeuroCity Corporation. The screening process was undertaken by Raymond Chabot Human Resources Inc.

NeuroCity, a private industrial and academic complex of international standing, is a world center for neuroscience that, while interacting with the Centre de recherche Université Laval Robert-Giffard (CRULRG), is based on innovative association and partnership designs involving private industry and the community. Its objective is to ensure a creative cohesion that will accelerate the research and technology on the neuron, the brain and brain disorders in order to promote the economic development of Quebec and Canada by stimulating investments of more than 250 million dollars over the next 10 years which will lead to the creation of 2000 new jobs in the Quebec City area.

During his career, Mr. Bourassa worked as a managing and administrative consultant in both the private and public sectors. Since 2001, he has acted as Executive Vice-President in a Canadian pharmaceutical chemistry company. He was responsible for all matters involving innovative partnerships with major Canadian and international multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies, and with different Canadian research partners such as CNRC, CRSNG and Canadian universities.

In the business community, Raynald Bourassa is renowned for his involvement in the development of projects and opportunities related to the Sciences of Life. These include the creation of wealth, the positioning of Canadian expertise at the international level, the valorization of research, the technological transfers, the improvement and increase in the business relationships between the research groups and industry, intellectual property, financing and strategies for innovating.

He will maintain his role as President of the Advising Committee for the Quebec Chaudière-Appalaches region, his work with the Minister of Economic Development Agency of Canada, his duties as Administrator and member of the Executive Committee for Pôle Québec Chaudière-Appalaches while still remaining active within a number of other companies.

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