Publications - december 9th to december 15th 2007

Doré & Goulet's article in Behavioural brain research (more)

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Publications - november 25th to december 2nd

Gravel's article in Gene therapy and Morin's in Archives of physical medicine and rehabilitation (more)

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Publications - november 18th to november 24th, 2007

Maziade, Gingras, Rouleau, Mérette & Roy's article in Acta psychiatrica Scandinavica, Urbain & Deschênes' in Neuron and Timofeev's in Epilepsia (more)

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Publications - november 4th to november 10th, 2007

Doré, Gingras & Rouleau's article in Cognitive neuropsychiatry

Two articles in The Journal of Neuroscience : Zhang and De Koninck's, Urbain and Deschêne's

Sik's article in The Journal of physiology

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Publications - octobre 28th to novembre 3rd, 2007

François Doré & Sonia Goulet's article in Hippocampus and Morin's in Sleep (more)

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Publications - october 14th to october 20th, 2007

Labbe's article in Accident, analysis and prevention, Tremblay's in Quarterly journal of experimental psychology and in the Molecular ecology ans Duchesne's in NeuroImage (more)

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Publications - september 30th to october 6th, 2007

M. Chahine's articles in l'European journal of physiology and in Journal of neurophysiology (more)

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Publications - september 23rd to september 29th, 2007

Cellard, Tremblay, Lehoux ans Roy's article in Brain and cognition, Chagnon's in Obesity, De Konninck's in Molecular pain and Amzica's in The Journal of neuroscience (more)

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Publications - september 16th to september 22nd, 2007

Audette Sylvestre and Nancie Rouleau's article in the International journal of language & communication disorders ans Sébastien Tremblay's article in the Quarterly journal of experimental psychology (more)

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Publications - august 26th to september 1st, 2007

Maziade, Mérette and Roy's article in the American journal of medical genetics, Marc Hébert's in Documenta ophthalmologica. Advances in ophthalmology and Annie Vallières in the Journal of behavior therapy and experimental psychiatry (more)

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Publications - august 19th to august 25th, 2007

Yvon Chagnon's article in Obesity, Célyne Bastien's in Brain research and Charles Morin's in Journal of psychosomatic research (more)

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Publications - june 24th to june 30th, 2007

Igor Timofeev's article in Neuroscience and Marc Hébert's in Psychiatry research (more)

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Publications - june 10th to june 16th 2007

Chahine's article in The Journal of membrane biology (more)

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